Ergon Refining Announces March 2020 Turnaround

Thu., Jan 23, 2020

VICKSBURG, Miss., U.S. – Beginning March 5, 2020, Ergon's naphthenic refinery in Vicksburg, Mississippi, will undergo a planned turnaround. In addition to necessary maintenance and upkeep, Ergon is reinvesting in process safety and reliability improvements to ensure longevity of systems and operations.

As a family-owned company, Ergon has a track record of reinvesting, which has helped the company remain reliable and positioned them well to take advantage of the shifting crude and regulatory landscape.

The turnaround process will last a total of 26 days. Customers should not expect any supply disruptions during this planned maintenance period.

About Ergon:
Ergon, Inc., is a privately owned company that operates in seven primary business segments: Refining & Marketing, Specialty Chemicals, Asphalt & Emulsions, Midstream & Logistics, Oil & Gas, Construction & Real Estate, and Corporate. Within Ergon's refining segment, Ergon Refining, Inc., is the world's largest producer of specialty naphthenic oils and Ergon - West Virginia, Inc., is a major manufacturer of Group I and Group II paraffinic base oils. Product lines include HyGold base oils, HyPrene process oils, HyVolt insulating oils, and HyPrint ink oils.


Kathy Potts
Director of Marketing Communications
Ergon, Inc.

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